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Salute to Israel Parade 2006 - Posing for the Camera258 viewsAt the Salute to Israel Parade 2006.
Former and Current Israeli ambassadors at the Golden Jubilee Celebration240 viewsPictures show the ambassador of Israel his Excellency Mr. David Danieli, Mr. Ephraim Doweke the first ambassador of Israel, Mr. Nissim & Mrs. Beatrice Moses.

Photo contributed by Nissim Moses.
Salute to Israel Parade, May 6 200777 viewsLast preparations before starting to march
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony83 views
Steps Away from the Chuppa on Stage99 views
Simchat Torah Celebration, October 7, 2007142 viewsAviva, one of our youngest members, smiling into the camera
Holding a Small Torah171 views
Kids Participating346 viewsCall out our next winner!

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David Singing to the Audience514 viewsSinging at dinner time.Dec 02, 2012
Noreen Pulling a Raffle Number394 viewsAnd the winner is...Dec 02, 2012
Yaffa Calling Out a Raffle Number393 viewsBig Win!Dec 02, 2012
Regina Wins A Prize386 viewsWe have another winner!Dec 02, 2012
Baby Luck!463 viewsOur next winner is...Dec 02, 2012
Kids Participating346 viewsCall out our next winner!Dec 02, 2012
David and Joe466 viewsPosing for the camera.Dec 02, 2012
Picking a Ticket296 viewsFor a winner during the raffle.Dec 02, 2012