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David Singing to the Audience522 viewsSinging at dinner time.Dec 02, 2012
Noreen Pulling a Raffle Number407 viewsAnd the winner is...Dec 02, 2012
Yaffa Calling Out a Raffle Number404 viewsBig Win!Dec 02, 2012
Regina Wins A Prize402 viewsWe have another winner!Dec 02, 2012
Baby Luck!472 viewsOur next winner is...Dec 02, 2012
Kids Participating360 viewsCall out our next winner!Dec 02, 2012
David and Joe479 viewsPosing for the camera.Dec 02, 2012
Picking a Ticket306 viewsFor a winner during the raffle.Dec 02, 2012
Julie Accepting a Prize301 viewsFirst winner at the raffle.Dec 02, 2012
Julie and Baby184 viewsSaying hi to the camera.Dec 02, 2012
Romiel, David, Joe and Lael186 viewsAt the Simchat Torah 2012 celebration.Dec 02, 2012
Getting a Blessing181 viewsReceiving a blessing from George.Dec 02, 2012
David and a Young Member177 viewsDuring the Hakafot.Dec 02, 2012
Joe Holding the Sefer Torah156 viewsJoe holds the Sefer Torah during the hakafot.Dec 02, 2012
Ben Reciting a Prayer237 viewsAfter one of the hakafot.Dec 02, 2012
Nissing with a Sefer Torah174 viewsDuring one of the hakafot.Dec 02, 2012
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