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Ben Reciting a Prayer236 viewsAfter one of the hakafot.
Benjamin Carrying the Torah180 views
Ben and Nissim Holding the Torah Scrolls179 viewsDuring the 2009 Simchat Torah celebration
Highest Bid Winner Benny165 viewsBenny was the highest bidder for the fruit basket
First Bene Israel Conference in 19171245 viewsConference held at the Old Israelite School (now Eli Kadoorie School) in Bombay.

Contributed by Nissim Moses Courtesy of Reuben Raymond
Elijah's Cave in Haifa Israel227 viewsThis site is revered by the Bene Israel who go there & perform Eliyahoo Hanavi Service.

Photo contributed by Nissim Moses
Interior of Sucath Shlomo557 viewsBenches, Bima and women's gallery in the foreground.

Photo courtesy of Nissim Moses.
Fifth Bene Israel Conference Held in 19211401 viewsSeated in the center is Dr. Benjamin Reuben Kehimkar. Also in the photograph Dr. E. Moses Raspurkar - Ex-Mayor of Bombay (Mumbai).

Contributed by Mr. Elisha & Jessica Reuben Kehimkar & forwarded by Nissim Moses.
Jonathan Galsurkar's513 viewsCongratulations to Jonathan ben David Galsurkar on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The formal initiation was done on December 30th at Congregation Beth El where he read the Maftir portion as well as the Haftarah in the tradition Bene Israel trop. He also delivered a wonderful Dvar Torah. Congratulations to his parents David and Irina Galsurkar and also his sister Daniella.
Magen Shlomo Synagogue in Yavne386 viewsThe Interior of the Bene Israel Synagogue, Magen Shlomo, in Yavne, Israel. In view are the Bima, Heichal, and Torah scrolls.

Photos contributed by Isaac & Hazel Ofek.
Ahavat Israel synagogue in Arad411 viewsDignitaries & artifacts of the Arad Bene Israel Synagogue.

Photo contributed by Nissim Moses
Serah Benjamin Cutting Her Birthday Cake256 viewsOur community's oldest member, Serah, celebrates her 83rd birthday by cutting her birthday cake. Her son, Nissim, assists in the cutting.
Group Photo at the Malida Ceremony333 viewsFront left, Erna Daniel. Front right, Serah Benjamin. Serah's birthday was also held the same day as the Malida for Susan Moses. Serah is our community's oldest member. Rear (starting from the right), Benjamin Samson, Nissim Benjamin (Serah's son), Sam Daniel and Ben David (whose camera we used to take the Malida photos).
Exterior Be'er Ya'akov BI Synagogue300 viewsExterior view of the Be'er Ya'akov Bene Israel Synagogue. Also in view is the Succha.

Photo contributed by Nissim Moses.
Beth Knesseth Bene Israel in Be'er Ya'akov203 viewsInterior view of the Bene Israel synagogue in Be'er Ya'akov. In view is the Heichal.

Photo contributed by Sharon Belkar from Be'er Yakov, Israel.
A Memorial at the Navgav Cemetery374 viewsA memorial providing a brief history about the Bene Israel community. This memorial also states that in this cemetery lay the ancestors of the Bene Israel community.
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