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Classical Indian Dance Performance260 views
Dr. A. M. Gondane, Varsha Gondane and Romiel Daniel216 viewsRomiel Daniel, Dr. A. M. Gondane, Deputy Consul General of India along with his wife Varsha Gondane attending the Simchat Torah celebration (2008)
Beth El Synagogue in Rewdanda636 viewsOutside the synagogoue.

Photo contributed by Sam and Erna Daniel
Romiel Daniel Explains the Customs of an Indian Jewish Wedding205 viewsRomiel at the podium speaks to the crowd about the Indian Jewish wedding ceremony at the JCC in Manhattan
Holding a Malida Plate226 viewsDisplaying the Malida plate to all the attendees at the Indian Jewish Wedding staging at the JCC in Manhattan
Lael Awaits His Bride246 viewsLael under the chuppa ready to meet his wife at the Indian Jewish wedding staging at the JCC in Manhattan
David Galsurkar Singing the Prayers214 viewsDavid recites the prayers with his soothing voice at the Indian Jewish Wedding event at the JCC in Manhattan.
Romiel and Noreen with Susan Lechter255 viewsRomiel and Noreen posing with Susan from the JCC in Manhattan. At the Indian Jewish Wedding staging.
Dr. Ajay Gondane285 viewsThe Deputy Consul General of India, Dr. Ajay Gondane.
Sam Daniel190 viewsSam Daniel giving his vote of thanks at the 2007 Hanukkah celebration at the Indian Consulate in New York.
Romiel and Noreen283 viewsRomiel and Noreen in front of the Hanukkiya at the Indian Consulate in New York.
Helen Sears220 viewsHelen Sears, Councilwoman for the 25th District at the Hanukkah celebration at the Indian Consulate in New York.
Indian Hanukkiya168 viewsAll eight candles lit at the Indian Consulate in New York.
Israeli Dance by the Parparim Group160 viewsPerfomance by dancers at the Indian Consulate first Hanukkah celebration
Asaf Shariv116 viewsConsul General of Israel Mr. Asaf Shariv at the New York Indian-Jewish Hanukkah celebration (at the Indian Consulate).
Audience at the Hanukkah Celebration152 viewsThe first Hanukkah celebration at the Indian consulate in New York.
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