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Holding a Malida Plate225 viewsDisplaying the Malida plate to all the attendees at the Indian Jewish Wedding staging at the JCC in Manhattan
Group Photo at the Malida Ceremony333 viewsFront left, Erna Daniel. Front right, Serah Benjamin. Serah's birthday was also held the same day as the Malida for Susan Moses. Serah is our community's oldest member. Rear (starting from the right), Benjamin Samson, Nissim Benjamin (Serah's son), Sam Daniel and Ben David (whose camera we used to take the Malida photos).
Moses and Julie Samson at the Malida300 viewsEnjoying dinner at the Malida ceremony (November 2006).
Joe Moses' Daughter recites a prayer during the Malida188 viewsJoe Moses' Daughter recites a prayer during the Malida that was being held in her mother's honor.
Susan Moses recites a prayer during the Malida198 viewsSusan Moses recites a prayer during the Malida ceremony that was being held in her honor.
Joe Moses Reciting a Prayer During the Malida Ceremony172 viewsJoe Moses recites a prayer during the Malida ceremony. The Malida was sponsored by Joe in honor of his wife's recovery.
Romiel Daniel Saying Ha'etz Prayer on the Dates160 viewsHolding in his hand a date fruit, Romiel Daniel performing the Ha'etz prayer.
Noreen Presenting Flowers to Susan at the Malida Ceremony180 viewsNoreen presenting flowers to the guest of honor, Susan Moses.
Malidah Table with Guests493 viewsIn focus is the Malidah table with guests sitting around.
Malidah Plate set with Fruits428 viewsMalidah Plate set with Fruits & with additional fruit plates for guests. In some services spiced boiled chicken liver & gizzard (shown in bowls on side of fruit bowl) are added on the Malidah.

Photo courtesy of Nissim Moses
Malidah Preparation of Puhe450 viewsThe Malidah Preparation of Puhe (Pounded Rice) mixed
With Grated Coconut, Sugar, Dry Fruits & Spices.

Photo courtesy of Nissim Moses
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