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Indian-Jewish SynagoguesUpload photos of Indian-Jewish synagogues into this album
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1. Indian-Jewish Synagogues in Israel


69 files, last one added on Sep 29, 2008
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2. Indian-Jewish Synagogues in India


37 files, last one added on Dec 07, 2009
Album viewed 1450 times

3. Indian-Jewish Synagogues in North America


1 files, last one added on Jun 01, 2006
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4. Indian-Jewish Synagogues Elsewhere in the World


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Community EventsUpload photos taken at community related events.
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1. Celebrations


222 files, last one added on Dec 02, 2012
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2. In Public


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Historical PhotosUpload photos from the past that pertain to historical events in the life of the Indian-Jewish community. Old synagogue photos, landmarks, day in life of an Indian-Jew, etc.
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1. Historical Events


8 files, last one added on May 03, 2010
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2. Historical Locations


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3. Other


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CuisineThis album holds photos of various Indian-Jewish cuisine. Upload photos of your recipes to food used for religious ceremonies.
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1. Your Recipes


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2. Ceremonial Food


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Faces of the CommunityIn this category upload photos of people from the Indian-Jewish community. Provide a short description of the person(s) shown in the photo. Also include the group this person(s) belongs to.
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Community Leaders


5 files, last one added on Sep 17, 2006
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The People


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MusicVarious performances from people in our community
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Individual Performances


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Random files
1968 Commemorative Stamp and Envelope of the Pardesi Synagogue330 views1968 commemorative stamp and envelope of the Pardesi Synagogue. Issued to celebrate the synagogue's 400th anniversary.
Interior of the Magen Hassidim Synagogue in Be'er Sheva278 viewsMagen Hassidim Synagogue in Be'er Sheva. Bima in the foreground.

Photo contributed by Nissim Moses.
Magen Shlomo Synagogue in Yavne577 viewsInterior view of the Magen Shlomo synagogue in Yavne, Israel. In view is the Bima.

Photo contributed by Isaac & Hazel Ofek .
Hanukkah celebration in City Hall116 views
Jonathan Galsurkar's512 viewsCongratulations to Jonathan ben David Galsurkar on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. The formal initiation was done on December 30th at Congregation Beth El where he read the Maftir portion as well as the Haftarah in the tradition Bene Israel trop. He also delivered a wonderful Dvar Torah. Congratulations to his parents David and Irina Galsurkar and also his sister Daniella.
Quiz Winners123 viewsDaniella and Daniella, the two Purim Quiz winners!
Susan Moses at the Moses and Julie's wedding anniversary276 views
Raymond Carrying the Torah163 viewsSimchat Torah 2011

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